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You may have many questions. Below are the ones we are asked most often.


What is the minimum I can order?

We have a minimum order requirement of 10 rolls (100 linear metres). This is the smallest minimum order requirement in our industry! Furthermore you can mix your patterns and colour ways within the 10 – only requirement is that they are the same width and length and on the same paper base.


What are your lead times?

Lead on production is normally 2-3 weeks, 1-2 weeks for trials. This can vary seasonally and according to substrate. Please check with us at the time of ordering


Why have I received more rolls than I ordered?

In order to not deliver short we print 10-20% extra (depending on the size of the run) to allow for spoils either in print or trimming. If we didn’t do this your orders would be short. Mostly the overs go to recycling or if they only have a small fault they are sent as sampling rolls for you to use foc. Sometimes if they are good they are delivered and charged for. This tolerance is industry practice. Even though our process is digital it is still on a commercial scale and not a print to demand service.

The possibility of receiving overs is stated on each order confirmation. Many of our smaller clients carry an element of stock which overs become part of or they use them for promotional purposes.

We try to keep overs to a minimum particularly where project specific orders are concerned. Please make it clear if any elements of your order are project specific and not stock items as we can adjust where they are printed in the queue to reduce the risk of overs.


Can I supply labels?

Yes! If you are supplying your own labels they should be A5 landscape (210 x 148.5mm), printed offset litho (not laser printed) and on uncoated paper 100-120gsm. We will laser print the variable data i.e. pattern name, colour way, batch number etc. You should supply us with 1,000-2,000 labels to hold in stock. Peter Scott Printers provide an excellent service –

If you only require a small amount we can print labels in-house, black and white only, up to 25 labels – send us your artwork to size in PDF format.


How should I supply my artwork?

All the info you need is on this page:


Sampling / Colour Trials

Colour trials are charged at £30 on most of our papers and are normally roll width square i.e. 52x52cms. Special papers such as grasscloth and textile wallcoverings are charged at £45 each. If you have a number to satisfy please contact us for a quotation. Whilst trialling remotely is often successful, should you have difficult colours to achieve we offer the facility to work in our newly built design facility on press with an experienced technician to achieve pre-production strike offs. This service is charged at £35 per hour with materials charged by the linear metre. This is often a much more time and cost effective way of working. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.


Do you offer colour matching and if so, how much do you charge?

Depends what you are matching too. Paint chip charts and Pantones are more straight forward than trying to match to a fabric say which is done by eye and therefore subjective. Please note some colours can be out of gamut and not achievable. Coated papers have a wider colour gamut than non-coated. Papers that cannot be calibrated such as Grasscloths and Textile wallcoverings WILL affect colours so matching cannot be guaranteed. £30 for colour trials on most of our papers, £45 on specials. We also invited you to work on press – £35 per hour hard copies charged by the linear metre.